Minorca-destinationIf you’re a fan of watersports, then kayaking is definitely for you. Whilst, compared to canoes, the small kayak may look rather flimsy they are actually a safe design.

Originally made out of animal skins by the Inuit, the mode of water transport has become an exciting and attractive hobby for many in the modern day.

With a huge array of great destinations in which to enjoy this water-sport, you can often be spoiled for choice. But if you want to experience some of the best spots, here are the top five.

Torres del Paine National Park

Located in Chile, Torres del Paine is undoubtedly the country’s most beautiful national park with stunning deep blue river waters surrounded by a view of snowy mountains.

If you’re a fan of enjoying breathtaking scenery by means of relatively calm waters, then traversing the Serrano River will allow you a few days of quiet kayaking before reaching the seas open waters.


The exotic destination of Fiji is lure enough for many travelers, but for kayakers, Vanuatu offers an additional attraction. 90per cent of Fiji is made up of bodies of water, allowing a huge array of places to enjoy watersports.

And with blue waters, a tropical climate and the chance to snorkel and swim whilst you’re exploring by kayak, it is one of the world’s top spots.


For those who love nothing more than to travel to Spain, the island of Minorca actually offers some amazing kayaking.

The rugged coastline of beaches, cliffs and bays are often inaccessible by land, and kayaking provides the perfect means to explore places not often visited by the average tourist.

Using Spain car hire rental will allow you to easily get around the island, and by taking to the sea you can gain a completely different experience of this favourite destination.


For a trip though Africa, Zambia’s Zambezi is probably one of the best kayaking destinations in the world.

With the water body also being known as the ‘Everest of rivers’ there are a multitude of places on the river that you can explore, allowing for no two trips to this destination to be the same.

Unlike other calmer waters, if you take on Zambezi then you can expect adrenalin, thrills and foaming waters. It is not an easy river to kayak on so more turbulent areas are best left to those with a little experience.

However, with the aide of guides, even kayak beginners and intermediate paddlers can enjoy Victoria Falls and the stunning river that flows from it.

Glacier Bay

America has a great range of climates, scenery and culture to explore if you’re travelling across different states. It also provides a variety of kayaking spots, the best of which is Alaska’s Glacier Bay.

If you crave nothing more than taking in beautiful views of cold and wild territory, then this destination is for you. Sea kayaking will allow you to explore the fjords and rugged coastline of the state, providing an experience like no other.

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