Inflatable kayaks do not compare to a kid’s vinyl toy boat you might see at the beach. Kayaking in an inflatable is very safe, easier to learn and more forgiving than paddling a traditional hard-shell kayak.

A well designed, quality ocean kayak is equally at home on a placid lake, intercoastal waterways, and the open seas. River kayaks can easily handle class III and IV whitewater trips. Outfitters have used them for decades for commercial kayaking, even in class V whitewater. Review some of these advantages of inflatable ocean and river kayaks compared to hard-shell models.
(See how the Sea Eagle 330ST Inflatable Canoe/Kayak performs on theinflatable-kayac-picturewater!)

  • Price – Just about every inflatable kayak review categorizes them according to price. Compare them further to hard-shell and folding kayaks and you will find that they cost considerably less.Expect to pay less than $1000 for a quality two-person river kayak suitable for class IV white water and less than $500 for a sit-on-top kayak suitable for 2 persons.
  • Buoyancy – Inflatables don’t need bulkheaded compartments or float bags to insure buoyancy in case of mishap. Multiple air chambers make these kayaks a flotation device by themselves.
  • Portability – A typical two-person kayak weighs less than 50 lbs. and fits into a small bag about 3 feet long for easy storage and portability. Inflatables can be carried into a remote lake or river, or packed to an isolated beach inaccessible to others.
  • Assembly – Reviewers like the quick “assembly” time of inflatables when compared to the countless parts of a folding kayak that need to be assembled in the correct order. A foot pump will inflate most kayaks in less than 10 minutes and deflate it just as fast for easy storage.

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Customer reviews for Sea Eagle inflatable boats and kayaks like the portability, ease of use and safety of these kayaks. A center skeg provides superior tracking in flat water and can be removed for whitewater paddling.

These inflatables may not attain the speed of a sleek hard-shell design, but product reviewers like the ample interior room, comfort, stability and portability that make a nice combination for the average recreational boater.

Top Rated Inflatable Kayaks

Sea Eagle Inflatable Kayaks

Sea Eagle inflatable kayaks have stood the test of time. The Sea Eagle company has been manufacturing inflatable kayaks and fishing boats for over 30 years and still offer the best kayak prices of any company. These inflatables are extremely durable, manufactured from the toughest material and according to strict standards.

It doesn’t matter if you want to fish in the lake next to your cottage or take a kayaking trip down the roughest river. Sea Eagle has inflatable boats and kayaks to suit every interest at better prices than you can find in any other style.

All you have to do to see what Sea Eagle has to offer in the line of inflatables is log onto the website and explore the wide range of models. When you read the features and compare the prices of each kayak, it is easy to see why this company is the best.

Check out the SE 330 (Sea Eagle 330) to see why this inflatable kayak by Sea Eagle is so popular for Class 3 whitewater rafting. Even if you just want to go kayaking for your fishing trips in calm water, it is the perfect kayak for that.

Novice kayakers will be thrilled at how easy it is to paddle this model. The portability combined with the best affordable price makes it very attractive indeed.

Whether you want a kayak for 1, 2 or more people, Sea Eagle can satisfy your demand.

The Sea Eagle 420 X, for example, was the result of customer requests for larger inflatable kayaks that could carry more people and of course, more gear.

This affordably priced model is the best one to use for extended camping trips.

You don’t have to worry about how you are going to get the kayak on a small helicopter because when it is deflated, you can easily store it with the rest of your gear. With the affordable prices of these best rated inflatables, any serious fisherman can’t afford to be without one.

AIRE Lynx Series of Inflatable Kayaks

AIRE Lynx inflatable kayaks are made by AIRE, Inc., and come in three models; Lynx I, Lynx II, and Super Lynx. Several of my friends claim that the Lynx series may be the best all around, multipurpose, inflatable kayak.

The Lynx series of kayaks are very well constructed. They are made from Preconstraint PVC material that is patented by

Ferrari; as well as urethane AIREcells (thermo-welded air holding layers) for extra protection and durability. The Lynx is designed for up to Classs Three rivers. The fabric and construction techniques allow Aire to back this product up with a ten year warranty. That’s something that is hard to find in the kayak market be it inflatables or hard shell and to me that is impressive.

The length and width of the Lynx kayak is perfect for most users without being cumbersome and increasing drag in the water. The Lynx 2, designed as a two person kayak, is still rather short for a tandem at just over 12 feet but provides for a roomy feel and ample cargo space.

Another thing that I like about the Lynx series of inflatable kayaks is that it is available in six different colors. I know this is a rather cheesy point but I don’t want my boat to look like every other kayak on the river.

The Super Lynx inflatable kayak is a perfect kayak for camping or fishing.

The 600 pound load capacity and 37 inch width provide ample space and comfort for both. It gives you room for your cargo and your legs.

Advance Elements Kayaks

Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Inflatable Kayak Review

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