InStep Sierra Double Bicycle Trailer

InStep Sierra Double Bicycle Trailer is among of the most popular trailers present nowadays in most online stores like Amazon.

The product comes with 16 inches pneumatic tires. This is the perfect tire that you need if you are concerned with the comfort of your kids. In addition to comfort, InStep Sierra Double Bicycle Trailer is built with the smoothest paddings and other materials you can ever find in the market.

Therefore, this will further make your young little ones a lot relaxed during the entire outing period. InStep Sierra Double Bicycle Trailer is also made with durable materials.

The product will definitely last for longer uses as based from the life span of the other trailers that you can find in the market today. In fact, this is referred to as the trailer with the most superior performance ever. What you will also like the most about InStep Sierra Double Bicycle Trailer is that this is made with two in one canopy. This provides protection from the environmental hazards and at the same time making your kids a lot comfortable.

Because of the high demand for InStep Sierra Double Bicycle Trailer, you can expect that this is being offered in many online and local stores. Thus, there are different prices that you can encounter as you search for such deals on the internet.

The price of InStep Sierra Double Bicycle Trailer comes from $147.87 up to $149.99. In most cases, the product is being offered with one year warranty. This is the best trailer for parents looking for a product mixing fun and security.

Product Features

  • InStep Sierra Double Bicycle Trailer made with 16 inches pneumatic-tires. The rims of the tires are excellently molded so you can expect that this comes with utmost durability and superior performance
  • This comes with folding-frame. This makes the product easy to store when not in use
  • Furthermore, InStep Sierra Double Bicycle Trailer comes with two in one canopy. This offers protection to your kids and at the same time making them comfortable throughout their entire ride with the trailer
  • Versatility is also one of the best properties of InStep Sierra Double Bicycle Trailer. This is because of the versatile coupler that can attach to almost all models of bicycles.
  • The parking brake also makes the product a lot excellent. This adds security to the product when used


Once you will purchase any product, it is important that you will learn the pros of the product. InStep Sierra Double Bicycle Trailer is really made with the most durable materials ever.

This makes the product a lot easier to use but lasts for a long time span as compared with the other selections of trailers present in the market.

What you will also like in this trailer is that it provides the best deal of security for your kids. You are rest assured that your little ones will be safe during the entire use of the trailer.

It is also amazing that this trailer is highly versatile. This can be attached to almost all models of bikes. Thanks to its versatile coupler. This makes the product separated from the other selections available.


As far as unbiased review is concerned, InStep Sierra Double Bicycle Trailer will not offer you with any form of drawbacks. This has been made with outstanding features that you are looking for in a trailer. The price is also properly set so you can expect that this will not require you with too high amounts of money.

That is why this is recommended to most people looking for the best trailers in the market. Surely, you will never regret purchasing this product.

Customer Reviews and Scores

Amazon has been the source of many trailers including InStep Sierra Double Bicycle Trailer. This is also the site where you can encounter reviews tackling this item.

At this very moment, there are 58 reviews of InStep Sierra Double Bicycle Trailer posted in Amazon. Out of those 58 reviews, there are 33 which gave the product with 5 stars.

On the other hand there are 16 which gave the item with 4 stars, 4 with 3 stars, 2 with 2 stars and 3 with 1 star. Overall, the product earned 4.3 stars out of 5.0 stars. This goes to show that this product will offer you with the exact features you want in a trailer.


Now that the information regarding InStep Sierra Double Bicycle Trailer has been learned, the overall verdict for the product is that it is a nice investment.

This will truly offer you with the properties you need in a high class trailer. Though this is superior in performance, InStep Sierra Double Bicycle Trailer will not require you with too high amounts of investments. This is priced in a very logical value so you will not spend too high amounts of money in replace of highly functional product.

InStep Quick N EZ Bicycle Trailer

For a good quality,  yet basic baby bike trailer, the InStep Quick N EZ Bicycle Trailer  offers safety and is very affordable for Parents.

The trailer comes with a universal coupler allowing you to connect ad disconnect the trailer from any bike.  There is  room for two in this bike trailer with a weight capacity of 50lbs per child.  The five point saftey harness that is included in this baby bike trailer is well padded and fits snug giving an enjoyable ride for your youngster.  Their arm and leg movemets are not halted giving them some freedom.

The InStep Quick N EZ Bicycle Trailer comes in a variety of bright colors providing more safety by being seen by others when sharing the road and trails. The trailer is lightweight  coming in at 29.6 pounds.  You will feel that you have a trailer attached while riding but it will not be cumbersome like a Uhaul.  The trailer cruises on pavement and feels  lightweight even when going uphill.

InStep Quick N EZ Bicycle Trailer Specifications:

  • Seats two
  • 16-inch mag wheels
  • Quick-release wheels
  • Universal coupler attaches to bike
  • Converts to stroller
  • Steel frame
  • Weather shield
  • Max weight limit: 100 pounds
  • Folded dimensions: 31.5 x 30 x 16 inches
  • Assembled dimensions: 55 x 32 x 33 inches
  • Assembled weight: 28 pound

Rain Or Shine With The InStep Quick N EZ

Your outdoor fun does not have to end early with a few drops of rain. The canopy is weather resistant with a heavy gauge material.    If  it starts to rain you simply have to unroll the plastic weather shield and fasten the velcro to the canopy. There is a mesh screen to keep the pesty bugs away. It can be rolled up on beautiful clear days.

Quick N EZ  Convertible Baby Bike Trailer Stroller

If you are looking for a convertible trailer to stroller you have found it. No need to dampen your plans by having to go home and switching to a stroller. You can enjoy a bike ride and go straight to do your errands.  Conversion is simple by snapping a bar to push the stroller  and adding a wheel. The storage capacity in the back seat provides ample room for diaper  bags, snacks, or even change of clothing.

This InStep bike trailer  is  also great for vacations. It is easily transportable by car.   The  baby bike trailer folds effortlessly and quickly with a quick release lever and the 16 inch wheels detach easily.

InStep Quick N EZ Assembly

Assembly will be needed when sent to you and it is fairly easy.  You must attach the universal coupler to the bike so that the trailer can be hitched on.  Once the coupler is added to your bike it can stay there, no need to remove. If you have more than one bike you can purchase more couplers so you are always ready to go.  When removing contents from the bike you will have to attach the ties and inflate them.

Things to take into Consideration for the InStep Quick N EZ Bicycle Trailer

After researching many customer bike trailer reviews, we found there were  some minor concerns. Although great for one child, depending on the size of two children it can be a little tight. If you have a large child seated in the trailer it may cause the fabric bottom to sag and touch the pavement.

Some customers have a little difficulty unfastening the harness. it is very easy to fasten but you may snag your fingers when trying to unfasten. Also when converted to a doule stroller some have noticed that the front wheel tend to stick.

InStep  Bicycle Trailer Pros

  • Keeps your adorable toddlers safe, comfortable, and dry
  • Quick Lever release for vehicle storage
  • UV protection
  • Ample back seat Storage
  • Converts to a stroller
  • Universal Coupler

Quick N EZ  Bike Trailer TIPS

  •  Your children should always wear safety helmets when riding in the bike trailer
  •  Children must be at least 1 years old to use the trailer or stroller.

This baby bike trailer is simple with no overblown bells and whistles. The rust resistant frame provides a stable and strong ride and the UV sun protection is an added safety bonus.

The InStep Quick N EZ Bicycle Trailer is straightforward and functional with an affordable price tag.  Without breaking the bank, the design of the Quick N EZ baby bike trailer is a win for parents and child alike.

 Burley Bee Bike Trailer

Safety should never be sacrificed and that is where the Burley Bee Bike Trailer  excels.  The Burley Bee is the most basic baby bike trailer in the Burley line. Burley is an exclusive manufacturer of bike trailers.

The Burley Bee be features a five point harness, aluminum frame, helmet pocket for comfort, and hammock style seating. If you are looking for a safe, lightweight bike trailer, on a budget from an excellent manufacturer, you need to take a further look at the Burley Bee.

The trailer comes with a universal hitch with a swivel.

This smart design allows the trailer to handle curves easily without rollovers.

With the swivel, if your bike tips, the trailer will not. Being light weight at 20 pounds it is easy to ride with this trailer attached, no excess muscle soreness, so you can attack those hills. The hitch is very easy to assemble by attaching to your bike’s rear wheel. There is also a parking brake which is easily engaged when stationary.

Burley Bee Bike Trailer Specifications:

  • Capacity: 1 or 2 children, 100 pounds
  • Fabric: 600D polyester
  • Pockets: Interior pocket with water bottle slot
  • Seat: Hammock style with 5-point harness system
  • Cover: 2-in-1 all-weather cover
  • Safety flag: Yes
  • Parking brake: No
  • Folding frame: Yes
  • Folded dimensions: 35 by 30 by 12 inches (W x H x D)
  • Weight: 20 pound

Burley Bee Design & Features:

The design of the Burley bee is definitely eye catching, though simple.

The construction of this trailer is solid and durable. The trailer weighs 20 pounds and is quickly collapsible into folding position through a quick release mechanism. It is very easy to store and takes up very little room for storage.

The Bee itself is mildew resistant, so no worry about the elements. There is an interior pocket for storage of all your essentials on the go, as well as space for a water bottle.

The clear window in front of the trailer provides uv protection and there is also a mesh door that is able to fold up or down protecting your child from poor weather.

Although built for two with a capacity of 100 pounds it can get tight if your children are larger.

More comfort will be attained with one child with room to move comfortably. The hammock style seating is padded with a support strap located underneath the seat which provides separation between  your child and the road.  The five point harness straps are snug and they are easy to fasten and unfasten

All children should ride in bike trailer with helmets and the Burley Bee has thought of this. With its helmet pocket there is extra room between the top of the seat and the ceiling of the bike trailer to accommodate your little one.

Burley Bee Bike Trailer Pros:

  • Good Price point
  • Great manufacturer
  • Five point Harness
  • Universal  Hitch with swivel
  • Padded hammock Style seating
  • Helmet Pocket-extra headroom
  • Window with UV protection
  • Quick release  for wheels allows easy storage and transport
  • Adjustable padded handlebars and parking brake
  • Safety Flag Included

Things to take in Consideration with the Burley Bee Bike Trailer:

The Burley Be bike trailer converts into a stroller with an additional conversion kit.  This trailer can be used for infants too but it is advisable to purchase the Burley Baby Snuggler seat. Although these additions add up in cost, it is still cheaper than other higher end strollers with these features.

The trailer does not have shock absorbers. This does not mean your child will be bouncing throughout the cabin as the support of the hammock seating does absorb the bumps in the road.

If you are looking for a similar trailer with suspension and extreme plush ride the Schwinn Joyrider Bicycle Trailer might be your better bet with a higher price point.

Burley has a standard of excellence and all of their trailers exceed the safety requirements of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). The burley bee has many 5 star reviews from customers as it is safe, simple, effective and appealing to the eye.


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